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Dr Bradley Campbell - The truth about Benzodiazepines and Western Medical Healthcare

October 20, 2023 Dr Bradley Campbell Season 1 Episode 13
Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay
Dr Bradley Campbell - The truth about Benzodiazepines and Western Medical Healthcare
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Dr Campbell is a whistleblowing US -based physician, Robin Hood-ing healthcare back to the people, and has already reached over 10,000,000 million people through his online-based work (1% of the global population)

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This interview was originally recorded as footage for the film I’m working on:

However, after talking with Dr Campbell for an hour it seemed like a no-brainer to release this as a podcast episode too - given the public health content that can help people in real-time.

Knowledge is power, and in this case, life-saving
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This episode may shock, but it’s also filled with practical solutions and notes of hope.

As Dr Campbell explains - ‘we need a grassroots approach to this’ so please help share this episode / information in whichever way you can.

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Disclaimer: The #PressPlay podcast sometimes covers health and well-being topics. Please conduct your own research and talk with trusted professionals when it comes to making decisions and changes around medications, nutrition and health. The conversations in this podcast aim to help share awareness and understanding, with an encouragement for each person to take full responsibility for their health, and make informed decisions based on quality research and experience from a variety of sources.

Dr Campbell’s personal story with the medical system growing up, and his career journey.
What have been your biggest insights as a traditionally trained physician in conjunction with your holistic healthcare experience?
Could you describe what Benzos are and what they are typically prescribed for?
Why are Benzos so risky? What do they do to the brains and bodies of people that prescribed them?
What are your personal views on Benzos and how does that compare with your professional experience with them?
What measures are doctors taking to weigh up the cost-benefit analysis before they’re handed over to a patient?
In your opinion is this a ticking time bomb and how much of a ticking time bomb do you think it is?
How can people turn to holistic healing to help them?
Is there anything you’d recommend to patients and their support systems to be the first step to healing?
To any doctors / medical professionals listening to this who believe Benzos are safe, and to those who don’t believe that this is happening to people or is as bad as people say it is, what would you say to them?
I imagine that taking a stand and being a whistleblower on this issue has meant you’ve faced a lot of backlash. How have you dealt with those challenges and how do you stand up to the critics?
What would you like to see change? What are your hopes and beliefs for things that can change?
How can patients and medical professionals, today, work together to provide a more patient-centred approach to healthcare?
What are the top 3-5 things that help you with your mental and physical health that could help others?
What are your future goals and aspirations?