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Fiona Oakes: 4x World Record Ultra Marathon Runner and star of the Amazon Prime film 'Running for Good: The Fiona Oakes Documentary''

June 07, 2023 Fiona Oakes Season 1 Episode 12
Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay
Fiona Oakes: 4x World Record Ultra Marathon Runner and star of the Amazon Prime film 'Running for Good: The Fiona Oakes Documentary''
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Show Notes

Episode 12

Fiona Oakes: Ultra Marathon World Record Holder and star of the Amazon Prime documentary: Running for Good: The Fiona Oakes Story.

Fiona had her kneecap removed when she was a teenager and was told she’d never walk again. Not only did she walk again, she became a world-record holding ultra marathon winner

We discuss..

The love of animals, veganism, life, self discipline, Tower Hill Stables animal sanctuary and why despite all of her accolades and achievements as an elite athlete, why Fiona doesn’t consider herself a runner and much more..

Call For Help:
Tower Hill Stables is the animal sanctuary that Fiona and her partner Martin run. They've plugged every spare bit of cash they've had since buying it into running it, and all of Fiona's winnings from marathons have gone into taking care of the animals. But the sanctuary is running at a shortfall of £6k a month and it needs help. 'Marathon Des Cows' has been set up so you can sponsor a cow (from as little as £1) to help keep the sanctuary running. Find out more here -

Tower Hill Stables




Chapter Markers:

01.48 What do you think instilled this attitude of seeing life as an adventure in you?

3.50 How did you find running, and discover that it could be the path to helping you achieve your bigger goals?

10.12 How is the emotional process when you put your running shoes on every day?

16.00 How do you handle the uncertainty of not knowing if you’ll be able to run the race on the day, and the uncertainty of life in general?

20.00 - Are you pushing yourself or are you forcing yourself?

34.20 Have you found that this running life that you’ve taken on for veganism and the animal sanctuary - has that changed the rest of your life? And, what were those personal growth lessons you learnt in lockdown?

42.20 Getting up at 3.30am

44.10 Food as fuel

46.52 Beware the processed foods of the vegan diet

47.32 Eating one meal a day

55.48 How have you managed being both strong and sensitive in life in a world that can be so cruel to humans and animals?


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Quotes from this podcast episode with Fiona: 

👉 "Life is an adventure, and you never know when it’s going to end so you’ve got to make the most of it"

👉 "I don’t know why I choose to do things, I think they choose me"

👉 "If you don’t try you’re never

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