Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay

Daniela C. Merlano - Purpose-driven community and wellbeing in Web3

October 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 6
Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay
Daniela C. Merlano - Purpose-driven community and wellbeing in Web3
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Show Notes

Daniela is a Columbian positive psychologist currently based in London. She is a strong advocate for wellbeing in the Web3 space and passionate about helping people and brands develop purposeful community, and working towards a more empathic world in general. In this episode we discuss what it means to press play on a future world which puts humanity at the forefront of emerging blockchain technology, and what we can all do to take care of ourselves when the darker side of Web3 and NFTs can impact mental health.

Positive psychology - Victor Frankl origins
Arriving in the UK from Columbia & adaptability
Web3, ETH, Getting inspired by Vitalik Buterin
Opportunities for improvement in Web3
Scaleable Education
Generating Impact
Value First, Business Model Second
A more empathic world
Freedom of expression with anonymity
Positive emotions doesn't mean we can't be sad
Having a strong why
Engagement = flow
Celebrating accomplishment as an energy recharge
Human KPIs
The risks of FOMO and addiction
Letting the emotions be
Jar of Actions
Future Goals

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Disclaimer: The #PressPlay podcast sometimes covers health and well-being topics. Please conduct your own research and talk with trusted professionals when it comes to making decisions and changes around medications, nutrition and health. The conversations in this podcast aim to help share awareness and understanding, with an encouragement for each person to take full responsibility for their health, and make informed decisions based on quality research and experience from a variety of sources.