Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay

Jay Stansfield

July 06, 2022 Cassette Monkeys Season 1 Episode 3
Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay
Jay Stansfield
Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay +
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Show Notes

Jay Stansfield sat down with Emma to discuss his career as a professional media creative of 20+ years, children's brand owner and author with skills in illustration, 3d character design, animation, video editing and audio production.

He's currently producing a new show for YouTube Kids called The Squibbles®.

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Disclaimer: The #PressPlay podcast sometimes covers health and well-being topics. Please conduct your own research and talk with trusted professionals when it comes to making decisions and changes around medications, nutrition and health. The conversations in this podcast aim to help share awareness and understanding, with an encouragement for each person to take full responsibility for their health, and make informed decisions based on quality research and experience from a variety of sources.