Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay

Jamie Parmenter Part 1

July 06, 2022 Cassette Monkeys Season 1 Episode 2
Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay
Jamie Parmenter Part 1
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Show Notes

Jamie sat down with Emma to discuss creating his online music platform  Vinyl Chapters and being the CEO of Real Nifty.  Jamie started writing articles about music and the potential for NFTs to change the music industry. 

The BBC  took on some of his quotes which led him to fleeting appearances on radio and television trying to explain to the world what NFTs are. This led to NFT startup Real Nifty onboarding him as part of their team bringing his experience into the young and evolving space of web3. 

This interview is covered in two parts discussing Web3, Creativity, and Mental Health.

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Disclaimer: The #PressPlay podcast sometimes covers health and well-being topics. Please conduct your own research and talk with trusted professionals when it comes to making decisions and changes around medications, nutrition and health. The conversations in this podcast aim to help share awareness and understanding, with an encouragement for each person to take full responsibility for their health, and make informed decisions based on quality research and experience from a variety of sources.