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Cassette Monkeys #PressPlay

Cassette Monkeys

#PressPlay was set up in 2022 after feeling like someone had pressed the pause button on my life, due to a serious injury caused by a medication taken as prescribed (Benzodiazepine) ,which lasted over 5 years. During that time I turned to music and the arts to survive, which helped me to begin feeling a sense of life resuming again. Now working towards a documentary film, I wanted to run #PressPlay alongside to explore conversations and topics linked to the film and this journey, namely: overcoming adversity, health, mental health, recovery, career, creativity, business etc. As a kid, my friend and I used to record our own private 'radio shows' on my tape recorder, and I wanted to capture the nostalgia of cassettes, music and the excitement I'd feel each time that play button got pressed. Podcast Introduction:"Sometimes life can feel like someone pressed the pause button, and sometimes the world can feel like we're on rewind. In this show we cover topics such as health, mental well-being, creativity, business, social issues, psychology, career, life and many more. Stay tuned for inspiring stories and conversations that explore what it means to #PressPlay on the life you want, in a fairer, healthier, more equal world".